Nostradamus, Vagabond Prophet

Nostradamus cover copy


This historical novel about 16th century seer Nostradamus examines how Michel de Nostredame developed his powers for prediction and prophecy, as told from the perspective of a boyhood friend. Inclined to be a skeptic, Michel’s friend pursues a privileged life in the French court, in marked contrast to the chosen mystical path of Michel de Nostredame. Michel rises to fame as Catherine de’ Medici’s astrologer, but along the way he pays a high price for his quest to understand timeless secrets. This novel raises questions still with us today: Who was this man called Nostradamus? Was he a seer, a visionary, or an ordinary man of his time exploring mysticism? This portrayal of Nostradamus gives the reader a choice of remaining a skeptic or becoming a believer in the power and prophecy Michel de Nostredame presented to the world. Originally published in 1983, this is a revised edition.